Thursday, 24 April 2008


Salam to all,

Hijrah? Ehmmm pindah rumah... sekarang kat Beeston, Alhamdulillah baru nie ada rezeki dapat offer rumah university. Walking distance to the university, so apa lagi grab the chance. Encik suami kata hijrah rumah baru nie, cara study pun kena hijrah, Insya-Allah boleh.

Rumah universiti memang proper, with three rooms. so ada satu spare room for a study room. Kalau Puan isteri start study tahun nie boleh aaa share bilik study ngan ncik suami hehehehe....

The blossoms? they are not so keen not so excited, the reason being, separation from their best buddies. As for Humaira Ardini, she has settled in the last school, making a lots of friends, has a great teacher (Miss Mailhac), she is bit sad (actually ummi dia yang terlebih sad, hahahaha) to leave the school. Hasya Amalin, tak kisah as long as ada ummi abah. Hafiy Addin lagik tak kisah, mana2 sama saja.

OK the blossoms really grumpy... kena layan diorg plak.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

First step into blogging world

Our Blossoms

Salam to all,

Have been reading most of the blogs quite a while and think that this gonna be our first step into the blogging world. Major intentions are actually to update our family back home in Malaysia. Secondly might be to have some new friends and old friends back.

All the children obviously missing home so much. They miss their tok tok, tah, tok mak and tok wan a lot. Not forgetting mak cik arita. They always wanted to buy flowers and save them for mak cik. Promise is a promise they said.

Time to go now, have to cook some meal. Ikan Talapia steam. hehehehe.. miss home so much. we miss u all so much.


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