Friday, 19 December 2008

The best Electronic and Electrical Engineering School in UK

Yes, as the title spell it out, we are the best Electronic and Electrical Engineering School in the United Kingdom, according to RAE 2008 (Research Assesment Exercise 2008).
What is RAE?

The Research Assessment Exercise is a peer review exercise to evaluate the quality of research in UK higher education institutions

The primary purpose of the RAE 2008 was to produce quality profiles for each submission of research activity made by institutions. The four higher education funding bodies intend to use the quality profiles to determine their grant for research to the institutions which they fund with effect from 2009-10. Any HEI in the UK that is eligible to receive research funding from one of these bodies was eligible to participate.

Qouting the school website in a few article:
"The School is celebrating its position as Number 1 in the UK in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), with an outstanding grade-point average (GPA) of 3.05, and an overwhelming 80% of activity rated as internationally excellent or World leading. This clearly confirms the School’s position as the leading electronic and electrical engineering department in the UK and a leader in the field internationally.

As a research intensive University the RAE is vitally important to us; high rankings enable us to attract increased funding and investment, as well as the very best staff and students."

Research Excellence
  1. The top electronic and electrical engineering school in the UK based on the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), with a grade-point average (GPA) of 3.05, and an overwhelming 80% of staff rated 3* or 4*. This denotes research of international standing and enables us to attracting funding to invest further in our reserach and facilities and to attract and retain outstanding staff.
  2. 100 years of history and has built on its long standing tradition of microwave engineering to also lead the world in terahertz technology and the semiconductor, bio- and quantum electronic aspects of nanotechnology.
  3. Recent investment in infrastructure and research staff in communications and signal processing has projected that area onto the international stage.

" Please visit

We are also having most of our research assessed as 4* and 3* as 4* being the highest rank for RAE2008. (

Thanks to Allah for granting me and husband this opportunity to study with the world class academicians, many thanks also to our sponsors for believing that we will someday... one sweet day go back to Malaysia with sufficient knowledge to be shared with our ummah.... We will try our best to study and gained as many knowledge as possible academically and also other lifelong skills so that we will bring back to Malaysia and may they will be something that will benefit our ummah. Insya-Allah. May Allah bless our journey here.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A pat on the shoulder

Today, 17/12/2008.

Venue: Ummi's Kitchen.

Time: Breakfast Time.

Just came back from the clinic, Hubby is not feeling well, after a few weeks taking care of us, Hubby catch the fever. Encik Hubby wanted to have a light breakfast, cereal was the choice. After some milk warming in the microwave, he started to pour some cereal in the bowl, when suddenly(the use of suddenly is a good choice according to humaira, it is a "wow" word) Hafiy said, 'no abah'. Oooo he wanted to pour the cereal and encik hubby allowed him.

When encik hubby finishing eating the cereal, a small gesture that really captured my heart happened. Hafiy sat beside encik hubby and he started to pat his abah shoulder, he said .. 'abah win.. abah win..' he said that because encik hubby has finished his cereal and hafiy is celebrating it.... Another unexpected gesture by hafiy was that he started to pour another round of cereal into his abah's bowl. And he said 'tambah abah.... bagi besar' ... 'have some abah so that you'll grow big...' huhuhu.. so touching... encik hubby said to him... 'You'll be abah's friend until abah grow old and you are really grown up....' hafiy seems to understand, he nod his head and started to pat his abah shoulder again.....

A father is always the one who will pat his child shoulder, when the otherwise happen, it srikes your emotion most.

Ummi prays that you'll always be a good friend to us, especially your abah... I always witness the closeness of encik hubby and his abah, he will always find times to have a long chit chat with his abah during dinner, when we live together with them. They watched sports channel together and having chit chat again. They laughed and have good argument together. Even when we are thousand of miles apart, he will always find times to call his abah and having at least one and a half good hour of chit chating and updating each others on life.... not only his dad, he have that good relationship with his mom too... I prays that we will bring up our kids in that manner too and they will always find comfort in our presence and even not. May they find solacity in our thoughts and will always search for us in anytime and situations....

I will always remember this moment... Hafiy is 2 years 8 months and 10 days old.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Searching for Sakinah and Istiqomah in new journey

Well, It has been a month since the new journey begin. Juggling between students life and also a housewife life. It is a matter of finding the rythm. Once it rhymes then Insya-Allah everything will be in place and in order.

We were all been tested by Allah with winter flu. It took us a week to recover, it seems like the 'bugs' don't really recognize us yet even after a year. huhuhu. Alhamdulillah, the flu withdrawn bit by bit from our systems. The kids also manage to attend school. It's only Humaira that still feeling weak from the fever and cough. Hasya seems enjoying the school time again. Hafiy is strong as usual, Alhamdulillah. He understands that he needs to stay at home until next year. His nursery will only starts on September 2009. Pity him really, he has been nagging us into sending him to school. He has to be patient. He will adapt Insya-Allah.

Encik suami will have his VIVA transfer after the Christmas Holiday Insya-Allah. Will be praying for his success.

Misses mak and abah so much. We have not able to contact them since 2 weeks ago. Mak and Abah performing Hajj now. I think they are in Makkah now. I pray that Allah will grant them will Haji Mabrur and may their journey be safe and they will be healthy to perform their pilgrim.
Really misses to hear their voice.

Insya-Allah will update more...........


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