Thursday, 11 December 2008

Searching for Sakinah and Istiqomah in new journey

Well, It has been a month since the new journey begin. Juggling between students life and also a housewife life. It is a matter of finding the rythm. Once it rhymes then Insya-Allah everything will be in place and in order.

We were all been tested by Allah with winter flu. It took us a week to recover, it seems like the 'bugs' don't really recognize us yet even after a year. huhuhu. Alhamdulillah, the flu withdrawn bit by bit from our systems. The kids also manage to attend school. It's only Humaira that still feeling weak from the fever and cough. Hasya seems enjoying the school time again. Hafiy is strong as usual, Alhamdulillah. He understands that he needs to stay at home until next year. His nursery will only starts on September 2009. Pity him really, he has been nagging us into sending him to school. He has to be patient. He will adapt Insya-Allah.

Encik suami will have his VIVA transfer after the Christmas Holiday Insya-Allah. Will be praying for his success.

Misses mak and abah so much. We have not able to contact them since 2 weeks ago. Mak and Abah performing Hajj now. I think they are in Makkah now. I pray that Allah will grant them will Haji Mabrur and may their journey be safe and they will be healthy to perform their pilgrim.
Really misses to hear their voice.

Insya-Allah will update more...........

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