Thursday, 15 May 2008

New House and New Environment

It has been quite a while since the last posting, well moving to new house with all the chaos and of course main reason is the delay in internet networking setup.
First Day in Holborn: All the malay community helped with the stuffs we even had our small feist. In a way to say thanks for their help. All the ladies cooked "sup daging", "air asam ala utara", "kari kepala ikan" and some side dishes. But, unfortunately 2 of the blossoms were having fever, Hafiy and Hasya, quite bad. Must be infected by Humaira virus. Humaira got hers a week before. So there goes the sleepless night for me and Encik Suami. Hafiy woke up about 4 times that night.
Second Day in Holborn: Humaira was saying that she was really bored. She cannot go to the new school yet. The City Council has to give the green light first. Eventually, thanks to Disney Channel, she was really occupied. Third Day in Holborn: will be continued

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