Wednesday, 15 October 2008

May you be blessed forever

Assalamualaikum and good day to all

It has been a while since I blog last time. This time, it is the turn to do some wedding wish for my brother in law. Haznor and Farah. They will get married this November. All the best wishes for both of them. We are really sorry that we could not make it to the wedding. Really sorry about that. How we wish we could be there with all the family to welcome Farah into our happy family. How we wish we could be there to celebrate the happy moment for the couple. We were really waiting for this moment to come and yet we could not be there together celebrating.
This video is just a small portion of feeling that we can expressed. There are lots more that we want to say and share. However, words can never expressed the feelings of regret, the feelings of happiness, the feelings of thankfulness, all jumble up.

But one thing for sure. We will be praying for all the goodness in life could bring for both of our couple. May Allah shower them with blessing and never ending love story. Life should be celebrated one day at a time. Yesterday was a past that should be made as a history to learn from, today is the most of time that should be celebrated as if tomorrow will never come. Tomorrow is something that is not in our power to determine about. Plan your tomorrow as if we will live for thousand of years. And live today as if tomorrow will never come.
To Nor, We pray that you will be a good leader in your young family. May your family grow to be an example of good muslim family. To Farah, we pray that you will be a good helper to your family leader. May you be a good muslimah and wife to Nor.

Salam to all with lots of love from all of us here in Leeds, United Kingdom,

Hizamel Mohd Hizan, Aziati Husna Awang, Humaira Ardini Hizamel, Hasya Amalin Hizamel and Hafiy Addin Hizamel.

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