Thursday, 26 February 2009

Total Cost for Europe Tour baru nie

This is for my friends who are asking about the total cost of our trip. I hope it will be something useful for them. I will post more story about the trip later. My plan previously was to insert the cost bit by bit, but considering some of my friends are already planning to go for their trip very soon and looking at my trend of updating this blog, I made my mind to post the cost first.

These are the cost for the trip.

Lodging and food

Petrol in UK

Europe Spending

Souveniers and misc cost

Total Europe trip cost for 4 adults and 3 children
Detail of the trip will be post in the next entries. I really hope that my friends will find it useful.

1 comment:

Hizamel said...

Kos di atas tak termasuk 2 malam tidur kat Paris dan 2 malam tidur kat Aachen, Germany. Jadi kalau sesiapa nak pi Europe ikut route kami perlu tambah kos berkenaan.

Terima kasih.



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