Friday, 8 May 2009

Chicken Soup for the Soul..........

Chicken Soup for the soul….

Bit by bit all the wonderful stories of “Chicken Soup for the Soul….” always happening in our life, without us realising it. It just takes a moment for us to freeze that frame and recall it on writing so that we will always remember our sweet memories whenever needed. Sometimes people fail to take notice on the sweet things that happen in life, yet we are so obsess on the bad luck that strikes us. We are seldom engraving the good memories on stone rather we are happier to just scribble them on the beach. When the waves strike it the memories will be gone. Our short memory is just like a scribble on beach. We can’t really hold on to our short span of memory to have good reflections of what happen in life. Thanks to blogging opportunities that we can engrave our memories on stone or in writing to be precise. Well, my love said blogging is not the best way for your memories to be kept alive. Well, I could not agree more my love, however I guess blogging is one of the way if not so many, to at least have that good or precious memories be kept. Then, eventually those writing might be realized in hard copy at least.

Memories, good or bad are worth keeping. If they aren’t to be remembered by us, there might be something to ponder by others. It is like an academic journal. People always like to write and published the success stories of their finding. However, it is so much helpful if people can published the unsuccessful stories of their finding, methods or techniques so that others will not stumble into the same footsteps. More to it, it might be nice if some could point out one or more ways to overcome those failures. Why don’t apply to our life experiences. Well, it is just 2 pence ideas.

I hope my dear darling at least will understand my intention of keeping this blog. Not hoping that others will read, or become ‘famous’, but at least any thought that I want to share with our beloved offspring and my dear darling wouldn’t be only washed away by only a stream of thought.

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