Friday, 8 May 2009

Our second day journey.... (14/2/2009)….

We started off at about 9.30 from our room, to be exact auntie noni and kak yong's room. Thanks for the wonderful breakfast that you guys prepared. And you see, how effective women can be, we even prepared for the lunch too. Alhamdulillah, we brought some dry cooked food. Rendang are made by auntie noni and spicy fried anchovies my ummi. We were so hopeful that the dried cooked food can be sustained until the end of the journey. When we came out from the building, we was all surprised, it was a stunning view of a country like estate.

3 little offspring in front of our hotel

The kids started to run around and show their talent. Making noise and announcing to the rest of Latimer populations that they exist there in Latimer. Well, let them be kids, there will be no harm to that. The weather was superb, bright brilliant day. But, am glad enough we were there to witness a winter leftover souvenirs for us.

A carpet of icy grass in a brilliant sunny day

We spent a few more minutes before 10.00 o'clock in the morning; you see we planned to start our journey to Dover at least by 10.00 o'clock so that we are just in time to catch out ferry. So, following photos tell those stories around Latimer De Vere Hotel.

Just in front of the icy patch

Another picturesque view of Latimer De Vere

Thorn among the roses


So please… we made a pledge to come here again, when there is any OFFER given by this hotel again next time. JJ Then, we started our journey. Well, the road to this hotel was not so bad; in fact it was so serene, when it is showered by the sunny rays. It was so scary during the quite dark night. In fact, there is a stream of beautiful river by the road. Small town around the hotel is also nice.

Small area around hotel

Our journey took us about 2 hours and 3 minutes to Dover. The children were all awake and restless through the journey. It was handful. Luckily, I got 2 right-hand (ladies) that could handle the chaos at the back of the car. If not for them, I would be having my throat held by a thread screaming my guts out to the children. As usual auntie noni help the situation with Hafiy and kak yong helping around with the other kids. We arrived at Dover just in time. There was a long queue to the check point. Ya, Allah, 'are we able to get the ferry on time?' we were asking each other. I was reciting 'La Hau la wala qu wataillah billah….'. Mama told me once that whenever she was worries about things, she will recite this zikr. I always remember that. It always turns out right and good. And again Allah helped us. We managed to get to the check point on time. In fact, we were spared a few more minutes for some quick lunch and loo time. The following photos will direct a good mind to the memories of Dover.

Doverport signage

Thanks to P&O to offer this service

P&O and us

Our ferry journey took us about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Over this time, kids and I had our own first experience on this big ferry, not to forget this was also kak yong first journey on a big ferry. My darling has been in this type of ferry before. Auntie noni also had spent a few good weeks on this kind of ferry during her youth programme journey. We went to the outer deck and enjoy the breeze. However, we only manage to stand a few minutes on the deck, because the breeze was not so friendly. We had a really cold breeze that day. What can one expect from a winter sea? JJ. Then we continued to enjoy the ferry experience on board. We managed to perform our solat on board. Alhamdulillah. We arrived at Calais at about 4.30p.m France time. Then we started another journey to Paris.

Welcome to Calais

Note: photos are courtesy of my darling hubby and auntie noni Mr. D

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