Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The children story......

Humaira Ardini Hizamel.....
She joined an inter-school cross-country race recently and she managed to finish a 1500m race for under 9 years old at 47th place, out of maybe 60 students without stopping or walking during the race, while many others do so. She insisted that she wanted to followa tortoise example in the tortoise and hare story that she learned in her class weeks before. She said, the tortoise was running slow and steady, and the boastful hare was speeding and decided to sleep for a while. The slow and steady tortoise win the race. Slow and steady she has been from the beginning till the end. I am so proud of you my princess. I always know that you know this.

Hasya Amalin Hizamel.....
She comes home one day from school, she called me
"ummi, do you remember the fruit that we saw in the bewildered wood theme park last time?" and ummi said " ehhmmm... I can't remember".. and as usual ummi still continue to read the newspaper on the net.... pity my Hasya, I should pay more attention when talking them. (note: to myself)
She still kept reminding me
" The spiky green fruits, the one that got nut inside it..? ",
then I remember " ooo.. yes".
" Do you know what they are called...? "
It is so like Hasya, to test you on something that she will definitely know.
" I don't know Hasya, do you know?"....
" they are called concers... ummi".. she said,
" wahhhhhhh you are so clever, sayang, how do you know them?" I asked her.
" I saw them in a book today with my teacher, and she told me that they are called concers."
Clever Hasya, I always learn new things from her and she definitely teach me how to be more patience.

Hafiy Addin Hizamel....
3 years 5 months and 7 days today. Well I guess it's the age, too early, not ready, not enough preparation on our side maybe. Well, my good son, being a drama king, create a scene again yesterday.
  • Arrived at school with abah and the sisters, requested to escort Hasya to her classs. Granted.
  • Requested, to visit kakak Humaira class, granted.
  • And when arrived at his nursery class doorstep, he froze himself and said no to nursery today. Abah's action to preserved more drama to take place that day is to run some reverse psychology thingy. Abah agreed to take him to the car, which normally resulted in him saying something like this "... oooo, it's ok abah, I want to go to school... lah... ", in which it didn't happen yesterday, and this mean abah will then have to drive the car home with him.
  • And of course, shocked is the state that ummi has been.
  • Ummi and abah do some small talk and reasoning, he agreed to be sent to school again. This time, abah said, why not ummi took Hafiy to his class for a change. And with Allah help he settled in his class nicely.
  • Sungguh anak bertuah.......................................
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